Domestic Student Application

Domestic Student Application

Which Pilot Career Suits You Best? – Quiz

So, you know you want to be come a pilot but aren't quite sure which career path to go down? Do you want to be an Airline Pilot? Maybe you'd prefer to be an Air Ambulance Pilot! We've created a fun quiz to see which career suits you best. [viralQuiz...

Pilot Careers – Medical & Air Ambulance Pilot

Are you thinking about starting a career as a pilot? Maybe you’ve already begun the journey and want to learn more about the different pilot careers available to you. With the global pilot shortage facing the industry, there is a substantial need for many different...

Life As A Pilot – What To Expect

Life as a pilot can be an incredibly rewarding career, whether you look at it in terms of job satisfaction or financially. All aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts have dreamed of and thought about what will await them in their future careers. It’s important to know what you are looking for both in your career and personal life as this will impact which airline you may choose to work for.

Q&A’s When Choosing A Flight School

You’ve just finished watching Top Gun for the 50th time and now you’re dreaming of becoming a pilot. Now you’ve got the goal, how do you get there? We answer the top five questions you should ask when choosing your flight school.

The Cost Of Becoming A Pilot

It is no secret that the aviation industry is not something that can be paid for with the coins you find stuck between couch cushions, it’s expensive. But what are the other real costs of becoming a Pilot? Financial No matter how you choose to learn to fly, it's very...

Could You Fly VFR In Moorabbin?

Do you think you've got what it takes to fly VFR in Moorabbin? Take the quiz and find out!