You’ve just finished watching Top Gun for the 50th time and now you’re dreaming of becoming a pilot again…sound familiar? You’ve decided to go for it, get your Pilot’s Licence and go all Maverick on your career. So now you’ve got the goal, the only question is how do you get there?

Well lucky for you, there are a few flight school options today. Like a good jacket, you have to make sure your school is the right fit for you. So here are the top five questions you should ask when choosing a flight school.

What am I paying for?

Does the course you’re looking into, get you the licence you want? For example, if your end goal is to become an airline pilot, this means you need to look at the Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence.

Does the course cost include everything from flights, fuel, and landing fees, to textbooks? For example, the course cost for the Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence is inclusive of all these fees. It is important to ask your school for a cost breakdown as not all institutes are the same. 

What are my payment options?

Do you have to pay everything out of pocket or are there loans and scholarships available? If you have to get a loan, are payment plans available?

Some schools may offer financing options for students. Soar’s partnership with Box Hill Institute means that financial support is available . Eligible students are able to pay later rather than paying for their studies upfront.

Will you help me find a job?

Employment pathway opportunities are important. When looking for a course provider, it’s important to ask whether they have pathways setup to help students enter their aviation career. If so what are they are and how will the course prepare you for a career?

At Soar, we offer various employment pathways for our graduates through partnerships with Katherine Aviation and AAA Charters in the Northern Territory, as well as within Soar Aviation.

What will I be flying?

Is the fleet fuel-efficient, new and fitted with state-of-the-art technology? At Soar Advanced Flight Training, our fleet consists of a variety of new, single-engine aircraft such as Foxbats, Vixxens and Bristells and multi-engine aircraft such as the Tecnam Twin P2006T.

Am I locked in until the end?

Life is full of twists and turns and events come up which prevent you from finishing your course. It’s important to know that you do have options and you can find schools that don’t lock you into a contract that requires you to pay for a course that you can’t attend.

Now that some of the main questions have been answered, take out your pros and cons list and compare the schools you’ve shortlisted. Choose a school that you feel comfortable with, where you feel like part of a community. After all, if you’re going to be spending the next two years studying you may as well do it in an environment that is supports your growth and success.

Go on, get out there and start flying!