Dare to dream, and you’re already half way there. For many aspiring pilots, the desire to learn to fly is often met with the question of – “What does it take to become a pilot, and how does the journey start?”

Ed Phillips of Sydney’s 2UE FM radio show, spoke recently with Soar Aviation’s Chief Executive, Neel Khokhani, to discuss how to get your foot in the door as a commercial pilot.

What are the steps to becoming a commercial pilot?

Typically younger students who have not yet completed high school, yet still want to fly, begin learning to fly in a light two seater aircraft, building their flying experience. Once old enough to enrol into TAFE, students can complete their Diploma of Aviation and receive their Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).

What if I’m a mature age student?

You’re never too old to fly! Many SAFT students are mature age. In conjunction with Box Hill TAFE, SAFT offers students the opportunity to complete their Recreational Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence and Commercial Pilot Licence, in just two years part time and with VET FEE-HELP available, ensuring anyone with a passion for aviation, is able to become a pilot.

What is the lifestyle of a commercial pilot?

After graduating from a flying school, many new pilots are recruited by commercial airlines as a Second Officer, observing and learning to fly on long haul routes such as Sydney to Hong Kong. Second Officers monitor the aircraft once the Captain takes off and ensure that all systems are operating correctly.

Learn to fly with SAFT

SAFT offers professional flight training services to help you enter and advance, in an aviation career. We offer world class flight training instructors and facilities to best prepare you for your career as a Commercial Pilot. To take the next step in your aviation journey and to find out more, contact Melbourne’s Soar Advanced Flight Training today.

Listen to the podcast to learn more and hear what Neel had to say!