For most, the biggest benefit of being able to fly an airplane is the boundless sense of freedom that it provides. If you can conquer the skies, there are no real limits left; you can go anywhere that you like. Plus, while it may seem like a lofty goal, it can be achieved via a series of logical, practical steps just like any new skill. If you are fully able bodied, with no history of sight problems, the option is available to you.  

The downside is that learning how to fly can be expensive, so you need to work with a reliable provider that can give you valuable lessons, with practical and verifiable results. It should be a company that offers you good advice on where to go next and what to do with your flying qualification after you have earned it. It should also provide access to the best instructors who can explain why flying is so important to them.

This guide to the top five reasons to learn how to fly with SAFT will help you decide if an aviation qualification is right for you.

Anyone Can Learn How to Fly

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have any special physical or mental attributes to be a pilot. You do, of course, have to pass the necessary mental and physical tests, but there are no real limits on age, gender, body type. In other words, if you are physically fit enough to fly safely, you can study as a pilot and earn your first aviation qualification. Do remember that any impairments associated with sight (including colour blindness) may bar you from becoming an airline pilot.

The Boundless Sense of Freedom

The one benefit that all pilots seem keen to talk about is the huge sense of freedom that comes with being able to fly. Once you get up in the air, it suddenly becomes clear that there is nothing standing in your way. You can go anywhere and do anything that you like, with no risk of traffic jams or uncomfortable journeys on public transport. For most pilots, flying is something that feels addictive, because it produces a lot of adrenaline and excitement.

It Feels Like a Valuable Achievement

There is no doubt that earning a flying qualification is a wonderful achievement. It is certainly one that will have a knock-on impact on the rest of your life. Before getting in that seat and taking control, the prospect of one day being able to independently pilot an actual plane can seem a little farfetched. So, when you do pass with flying colours, suddenly, all of those other scary ambitions start to feel a lot more attainable.

It Opens Up New Career Opportunities

While not everybody starts flying in order to become a commercial pilot, most do have specific career aspirations in mind when they begin their lessons with SAFT. Some are interested in working with passenger planes and others prefer to work towards careers in the movement of goods. Either way, professional lessons (with a recognised qualification) will open up a wide range of opportunities.

You Can Become a Part of a Community

One advantage of learning how to fly that is often overlooked is the sense of community that comes with working and socialising amongst pilots. Flying has always been a very social experience; pilots like to talk about their experiences and many form clubs, groups, and communities. They become friends both inside and outside the airport because they share many of the same passions.

Why SAFT is the Best Choice for Flying Lessons

With more than a century of combined aviation experience, there is nobody better qualified than SAFT to get you in the air and on a fast track to the flying qualification that you really want. You can benefit from the advice of world-class instructors and become a skilled and professional pilot within the space of just two years.